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Addison Death ranch, trucking down to Mexico to get rid of the healthy horses, they don't want
Lipon June 27, 2012


On thier way to Mexico to get stabbed in the spine till they drop, hung up by
their back leg and are alive for the butchering process

KILLER BUYERS - THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY44 Horses on their way to slaughter.
Captive bolt is designed for cows, it stuns a horse for 30 seconds, they too are hung up by thier back leg and are alive for the butchering process.

The driver of the transport truck was not injured. On Friday afternoon, police charged Gordon Trach, 53, from Brosseau, Alta., with careless driving, failing to produce insurance, driving with no licence plate on the trailer, failing to notify registry of change of address and operating a vehicle with the wrong class licence.

The driver of the double-deck trailer, James Anderson of McLeod, N.D., has been charged with disobeying a traffic control device and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. According to Christine Berry of the Equine Protection Network, an equine welfare organization opposed to double-deck horse transport, Illinois State Police safety inspectors were checking the tractor-trailer McLeod was driving for equipment violations and the United States Department of Agriculture is investigating possible violations of the Commercial Transportation of Horses to Slaughter Act regulations.



  • Nasty place Posted by barncreature on 10/28/2008
    I was at this sale 10 years ago.....saw horrible things.....i see nothing has changed in all those years. A blind pony was getting the crap kicked out of him by a big horse and i reported to several people and NOBODY would do anything. I left and never went back.
  • Living Hell Posted by horsehelp91 on 10/28/2008
    Just a couple of weeks ago there were two very small foals dropped off at Sugarcreek by someone to be sold. The filly had a broken hip some other injuries and a torn vulva. LeRoy Baker allowed this poor creature to be run through the ring and bid on. He laughed when she went through. When a rescue bid on her, many in the audience also laughed. On October 17, a mini was accepted for auction that had broken bones in it's face, a standardbred was there with a knee that was three times it's normal size with a large open wound and puss oozing from it (most likely badly fractured) and a grey Thoroughbred had what is believed to be a broken leg. All were accepted for auction. Worse yet, a yearling horse was lying on the "dead pile" and was still alive, crying for help. A citizen asked a number of employees to help this horse and no one would. The vet, when confronted about the three injured horses whined about the possibility of having to make a decision and said that she can't check every horse that comes there. Well, that IS part of her job. She did restrict one snotty nosed horse from being sold, but there were many other snotty nosed horses there and snotty nosed cattle and she didn't restrict them from selling. If she had, there'd have been few to sell. The animal control officer didn't think she was being paid enough to have to go through the trouble of dealing with a complaint because she'd get into a shouting match with LeRoy, the owner, and whined about that. It seems that those who can legally make a difference there don't want to. So, please voice your opinion about this auction
  • Sugarcreek is an Animal's Hell Posted by Really920 on 10/28/2008
    Here is a link to the truth about Sugarcreek Livestock Auction. If you care anything about your horse or any animal for that matter do not take it to this auction. There are many people working to expose the cruelty at this auction. If your horse or animal is sick, injured or starved it is your responsibility to have theme checked by a vet and humanely eithanized. If you drop off a sick, injured or starved horse or animal at Sugarcreek you will find yourself dealing with law enforcement. CALL A VET. This auction is a KILL auction. Horses are sold by the pound for slaughter. NO HORSE is safe at this auction. Do not fool yourself into thinking your horse will find a home at this auction it will not. The auction is full of kill buyers the most your horse will get in the ring is about 20 seconds time enough for the auctioneer to tell the weight of your horses then the group of killers will buy it by the pound cram it on a double decker truck with about 50 other horses and it will suffer a horrible transport to a Mexican slaughter house where it will be butchered alive. Here is the link,
  • Death Camp for Horses Posted by forthehorses1 on 10/28/2008
    The treatment that the horses receive there is horrifing. No living animal needs to go through that and the vet there turns a blind eye to what is going on and the public officials do not seem to care. For animals that are not fit to travel to be dropped off here and left in a pile to die is inhumane.
  • Sugarcreek Livestock Auction, inc Posted by ardess7 on 10/28/2008
    there cruelty that goes on at this auction is against all laws of decency to man and animal . the person who owns it , msut be a sadistic person who enjoys the torture the animals endure while there. the horses are sent in double decker trucks to a death being butchered alive in Mexico and Canada so the owner of this hell hole can make money. the phony protection that is offerd to the religious group who beat the animals unmericiful is a travesty . this place should be closed , now.

  • Hell on Earth Posted by jb660462 on 10/28/2008
    This is the place if you intend your horses to be eaten for human consumption abroad. If you are hoping to find a home for them, stay far away from Sugarcreek.
  • Horrible! Posted by Filly007 on 10/27/2008
    This must be the absolute worst place to try to sell a horse. The people there actually kick, prod and push the horses!!!
  • Shady Business Practices? Posted by Belle2000 on 10/27/2008
    Does this organization follow the laws for abused and neglected animals? Many comments from attendees express concern about health and safety of animals sold.
  • Profiting from animal cruelty Posted by longshanks on 10/27/2008
    Sugarcreek Livestock Auction Inc. should be forced to close their doors as they can't do business without profiting from the animal cruelty that they help perpetuate. They deal in sick animals, neglected animals, and animals with severe injuries such as broken bones. Let’s also not forget that they are selling animals for slaughter and human consumption knowing full well that many of the animals have been given medications that are banned in all food animals. They care not about the humans they poison or the animals they torture.

  • Cruelty At it's Finest Posted by 1concerned on 10/26/2008
    I would not take an animal - ANY ANIMAL - there if it was the last place on earth. They can't even see to it that these poor animals have clean water and food. They put the lame, sick, etc. in with the healthy and aggressive horses and expect them to be able to get to the food (if there is any) and water (if someone manages to pick up the hose and fill the water tub). It should be shut down.

    Sugarcreek Mayor Jerri Middaugh, 330-852-4415

    Terry Saulters-Texas
    Trent Ward-Texas
    Mike McBarron-Texas
    Bill Richardson-Texas
    IW Ward-Texas
    Leroy Baker-OH
    Jeron Gould-MI
    Fred Bauer-Oh
    Landfair Brothers-OH
    Ron Andio-OH
    Josh McKay-WV
    Don Nickerson-NY
    Arlow Kiehl-NY
    Charlie Carter-CO
    Joe Simon-MN
    Randy Musick-SD
    Dennis Chavez-NM?
    Monte Clark
    Dale Haley-IN
    Jeff Smith-KS
    Randy Smith-KS
    Jason and Buck Ryan-KY
    Jodie Ramey-KY
    Anton Wald-LA
    Richard Godbout-MN
    Terry Lee Brooke-MO
    Ole Olson-NV and WA?
    Jack Paluso-OR
    Jack Reinert-SD
    Dennis Smebakken-SD
    Chuck Walker-WA
    Ted Kerst-WA
    Monzerat Munoz-TX Manny Phelps-CA Ryon Simon-MN Danny Rice-KY Don Write-KY Les and Jack Ryan-WA
    George Baker-OK
    John Capers-CA
    David Merrell Tenn
  • Three Angels Farms Ayaches
    Brent Sanchez & girlfriend, Maggie-CA
    Wade Giles-CA Les Ray, TX

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